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Week 13 – Feedback – tell us what you think

The 12 Things Program Evaluation Feedback on Survey Monkey has been done!

Over the past few weeks I noticed that I tended to like the items that help me stay organized. 

I also noticed that I would get engrossed in a details (or links)  and lose sight of my main objective which was to complete each assignment.

Looking forward to May 8th at the Hindley Happening and the Darien Library’s Course Conclusion Celebration!

Hoping the Best Things In Life Will Always Be Yours – Thank You!


Week 12 The Darien Library & Web 2.0 – Item 19 Write a review of a book, DVD, or audiobook in the Darien Library’s catalog –

I have noticed that the Darien Library web site has the ability to add community reviews to books and movies.  I recently had the honor to meet Antonia Arslan the author of Skylark Farm.  Her book was adapted for the newly released DVD movie The Lark Farm.  I wrote a review on the Darien Library website so I could share some of what I have learned from Ms. Arslan. 

The Darien Library BlogsTwitters, You Tubes and Flickers… well it almost Flickers (the Flicker link goes to the Darien Library You Tube Account). 

I signed up for the NetLibary Account and had a look at the audio books available and plan to download an audio book from home.  I downloaded Raven’s Gate by Anthony Horowitz for my son to listen to over the summer.  I was hoping there would be a larger selection on NetLibrary specifically geared toward summer reading for my middle schooler.  This would be helpful for children with special reading disabilities.

Week 11 Work & Play Online – Item 17 Try out a new online productivity tool – Item 18 Explore online games

I tried Google Calendar and wish there was a tool to upload my information from Outlook as most of my schedule is already there. 

Not sure I want to spend time playing games on the internet.  Goodness knows my kids have already found plenty.   Sorry but I don’t plan to spend too much time on item 18…..moving right along…..

I plan to look at all of the top 10 free web tools.   I signed up for Remember the Milk but need more time to understand the ins-and-outs. 

1. Tiny URL

2. Google Desktop

3. Backpack

4. Remember The Milk

5. Calendar Tools – Google Calendar – 30 Boxes – Upcoming.org

6. Gmail

7. Bloglines

8. Google Docs & Spreadsheets

9. Joe’s Goals

10. MyStickies

I’ve spent too much time lost in the links but I did come upon a nice  Educational OnLine Web Site called BrainPop.

 I’m having trouble finding out where to put the code for the countdown widget in the blog anyway here is the code created for the countdown widget:

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Week 10 – Item 15 Join an social network & add some friends to your network Item 16 – Write a blog post about your experience

I’ve been a member of Facebook for a while now, Now I understand how someone can update Facebook and communicate to many people at once rather than send individual emails (what a time robber!).  Right now I am using Facebook to share some of the books that I have read through an application called Bookshelf.  It automatically connects me with other people who have read the same books.  I’ve also joined LinkedIn and happened to have the luck of sitting in on the Linked in Class at the Darien Library on 4/19/2010.  I hope to get more proficient in this social network as the year continues.

In facebook I hear about people using this social network in a dual manner. One platform for social networking and one for professional contacts. Doesn’t this become more for us to manage?

Week 9 Watch and Listen – Item 13 Explore YouTube & Item 14 Subscribe to a Poscast

Here is a re-posting of an introduction to YouTube Videos:

and some advice for or children:

Week 8 Photosharing – Item 12 Flickr & The Creative Commons License

How do I feel about Flickr and Creative Commons well….I took the Online Flicker Tour and learned there are several ways to get photos on to Flickr  (the last will, I hope be my favorite) Flickr Uploadr, via iPhoto, Aperture, or Windows XP plugins, via email. 

Editing will be a snap when I apply the information I learned from Judy Sgammato’s Web 2.0 class on Picnic.  I’m thinking of first organizing Collection Folders based on year and sub folders under that based on Travels and Events.  If there are any other good ways to organize I’m open to any suggestions you may have!

Next I can set up groups (public or private) so that I can share my pictures. When I do this it would be a good practice to first set privacy level, which determines who can see your image, usage license, so your copyrights are protected, content type, flag your photos and videos as either photos and videos, artwork/illustrations, or screenshots and finally safety level, so other members only see images within their specified comfort zones.   I can then Drag-and-drop photos and videos onto a map (using the Organizr) to show where they were taken.  I can also browse a world map to see where other people have been and compare their photos to what I have taken.

If I want photo prints Flickr integrates nicely with Snapfish.

I can share private photos and videos with people who don’t have a Flickr account (like, your Grandma, or friends from a wedding), by creating a special Guest Pass to grant them special access and I will be able to expire the passes whenever I like.

The creative commons video can help us to understand the difference between a Copyright and a Collaboration:

View the Picasa Video to see how you can organize your photos by names of people in your photos:

Week 7 Collaboration – Item 10 Using Google Docs and Item 11 Using Wikis

I Created a Google Docs account I upload a document and made a simple edited.  It was pretty straightforward.  I went on to download a resume template and thought this would be a nice place to park a copy of my resume and later share it on LinkedIn. 

I found a nice overview video on Google Docs:

Regarding the use of Zoho and the recent NYT article as a place to do be more productive online, Zoho has 19 online applications so it competes head-to-head against Google with five of its offerings not to mention the added expense of subscription.  I checked out the Zoho forums to see what people were saying.  I received two different result when I searched google for “Zoho review” and then searched yahoo for “Zoho review” .  It is also interesting that Zoho focuses mainly on the business market.  Half of its distribution is through partners that integrate Zoho products into their offerings. Most of those partners are Web-based services. For example, Box.net, a service for storing, backing up and sharing documents, uses Zoho as the editing tool for uploaded documents.

Regarding Wiki usage It’s great we are implementing our knowledge in the classrooms for more info have a look at the comments of  Instructional Technology Specialist Luke Foreshaw.  But on the other hand where it’s easy to see that teachers are taking advantage of technology in the classroom, gauging students’ level of cognitive demand is perhaps more challenging.  In the end it falls on the willingness of our student to share and contribute to the greater whole.

Here is a video on what a Wiki is and how it compares to our understanding of encyclopedia usage: